🕸 Inspiration

A few weeks ago, my friends and I were discussing how we could celebrate Halloween. With COVID-19, many of us wanted to stray away from the traditional trick-or-treating route, and when it came to finding good movies or shows to watch, we were unsure where to start. That left us in a predicament. How could we celebrate the spooky season in fun, unconventional ways?

That's how I came up with SpookSpot. With this website, I hope that Halloween-lovers including myself and my peers no longer are spooked by the question of how to enjoy the spooky season and have resources that will last all 🎃 season long.

🕸 What it does

SpookSpot provides users with an abundance of resources relating to the spooky season. The Home page introduces users to SpookSpot and its features. The Recipes page redirects users to spooky treats and meals they can make. The Movies and Books page provides users with Halloween/ Horror movies they can binge on and fun reads they can enjoy over the month of October. The Songs page allows users to enjoy spooky vibes with a Halloween-inspired playlist. Lastly, the Events page introduces users to local Halloween events that they can attend.

🕸 How I built it

I used Flourish API, Spotify API, Figma, Replit, HTML, CSS, and most importantly... my unconditional love for all things spooky 👻

🕸 Challenges I ran into

As I am unfamiliar with Flourish, I struggled to learn how to use APIs and work my way around datasets. After several tutorials and resources, however, I found the solution to my challenge. Also, I struggled to work within the time constraints especially because I am working alone. I was also able to overcome this issue by working my hardest! 🧙

🕸 Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of this website's design and color palette- the eerie, tarot-card aesthetic gives the perfect Halloween vibes 🩸. Also, I am proud that I was able to learn how to create and implement APIs over the course of this hackathon.

🕸 What I learned

I learned how to operate Flourish and create a map with the necessary data 🗺. In particular, I was able to learn how to find coordinates of places, create spreadsheets, and convert those spreadsheets into visual representations.

🕸 What's next for SpookSpot

In the future, I hope to add more resources. This would include spooky DIYs and more books, movies, and shows. Also, I hope to use more datasets that include more fun and festive places to visit.

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