Making cute css animations and fun stuff with tf and react.

What it does

Makes Halloween at home fun?

How I built it

react, express, gcp (cloud SQL, cloud storage, firebase), tensorflow, css, keras, VGG19

Challenges I ran into

UI fixes, bugs related to cockroach db so we moved to gcp
Takes time to run and optimize the program (neural style transfer)
Finding spooky images for style image of neural style transfer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having a good UI and implementing most of what we'd planned
optimising the the output of neural style transfer
Building a realtime ascii camera filter in js
About neural style transfer :
Blended our own images (content image) with spooky images (style image) so that the output image has the characteristics of both content and style image , then optimising the model furthur so that the blending looks more flawless.

What I learned

Learned about useEffect in react, keyframes and advanced styling in css
Implemented neural style transfer for the first time.

What's next for Spook Shack

Better UI, more interactive games.

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