I was always afraid of cats. But I liked watching them. They are so cute that it can make any sad person so happy. So I thought hey lets make my own discord bot which makes me happy.

What it does

It is a discord bot made using python, discord py and the TheCatapi. It is simple command based bot which has following commands:-

  1. meow-image (shows random image of cat)
  2. meow-gif ( shows random gif of cat)
  3. meow-save( saves the previous shown image/gif of cat )
  4. meow-command( shows list of all command available for meowchan)

How we built it

Built with python and TheCatApi.

Challenges we ran into

Learning something new and implementing it has been always challenging to me. So for me, Creating a discord bot from scratch and using API and implementing it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proudly learned to make Discord bot and know about its cool functions like async, on_message, on_ready and command function and creating commands.

What we learned

  • creating discord bot from scratch'
  • using API and performing request
  • saving files using python ## What's next for MeowChan
  • more functions
  • fully dedicated website for meowchan

Built With

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