Boba Inspiration

The love for boba drinks is very large in these growing generations. Unfortunately, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to creating a customized boba drink. One popular boba cafe, 7 Leaves Cafe, has a menu containing a wide variety of teas, coffees, and add ons. The possibilities of mixing and matching these items, gives the customer more options to choose from. To help create these combinations, our team believed we could assist by creating an app that would randomly customize boba drinks.

What it does

With a click of a button, the Spontaneous B. provides a drink choice and randomly provides a choice of toppings, sweetness level, and ice amount.

How we built it

After taking the Intro to React workshop, our team set out to create a web application that would be simple to use and be working at the end of the hackathon while applying the React Framework.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into as a team was the different amount of skill and experience levels each member obtained before the project began. On the technical side, it was exciting but a bit difficult to integrate React, a framework none of us had worked with before, into our project. However, by utilizing the starter code given during the workshop and scouring React docs we were able to apply it to our project. We needed to rewire our brains and apply our known knowledge of Javascript concepts and redirect it to React.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A great accomplishment our team is proud of, is the fact that as three strangers, we were able to successfully complete our first hackathon, as a team and individually. The way our varying skill levels were applied to the project were beyond helpful in the production of the application.

What we learned

Our team has learned that time management and organization are essential to creating a product in a limited amount of time. Furthermore, communication is key to ensuring that both of those values are being implemented efficiently. We also learned that hackathons are a great place to connect, build something, and have fun.

What's next for Spontaneous B.

Spontaneous B. has the potential to expand by partnering with small and large companies, which can give users the option to choose cafes closer to their current location. Spontaneous B. offers companies an interactive platform for advertising, and provides the users a fun experience to enjoy their boba drink.

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