We were inspired to build this app, because we wanted to create something that could bring people together quickly and spontaneously. We (the developers) had many groups of friends that we would spontaneously hang out with throughout the week, and we wanted to make it easier for us and others to do the same!

What it does

Spont provides the functionality for users to ping friends/groups that they have added to let them know where they are. However these alerts are short lived and forces people to be spontaneous with their decisions!

How I built it

We started off by using an Agile/SCRUM process, brainstormed ideas, and then transitioned that process into development. We continued to use software development strategies such as sequence diagrams and state diagrams as we were developing in order to help clarify information transfer between various teammates.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into various challenges, of which were mostly technology stack based. We had difficulty setting up some of the technologies such as Android Studio and Google Cloud Platform. The different api's were also difficult to get up and running due to a lack of documentation or out of date documentation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of the website that we were able to produce documenting our progress and our project We're also proud of the learning that we did throughout the entire hackathon. We're proud of the team that we built up with each other. We're proud of the process that we followed.

What I learned

We learned that our project was a little bit too much for a hackathon, it was more like a weeks to month project. However, this provides us with a lot of content for future development, and we're looking to pursue that development.

What's next for Spont

We're ready to spin Spont into the next version of development soon. We need to polish up our database to client connections and continue to push out new features for everyone who's interested in the app!

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