Our inspiration is to empower girls and boys through sponsorship. We achieve this by incentivizing sponsors and allowing them to receive instant gratification and feedback from the child.

Sponsoring a child allows for a variety of methods of empowerment, from allowing to not have to fetch water everyday and allow them to go to school, to buying simple school supplies to accelerate their education.

A recent study from the University of Chicago shows that sponsorship leads to a higher percentage of school completion and that it only reaches a fraction of the percentage of children that have difficulties accessing education.

We want to bring current technologies into this dated program to drive more sponsors, affecting one child at a time. We leverage Facebook tools to provide an instant connection and real time feedback between sponsor and child.

What it does

It provides a platform to connect sponsors to children and allows for instant feedback and connection through Facebook tools such as Messenger, Safety Check, and Video Calling

How we built it

We used Python's Flask framework to bring up a service which was templated by Jinja2, HTML, and SCSS from scratch

Challenges we ran into

  • Visioning the lives and difficulties of the these children and their limited resources
  • Using new technologies - first time using Flask and Jinja2 for all of us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning new technologies
  • Hacking for a good cause!

What we learned

  • Flask framework
  • Front-end Technologies
  • Issues with the current Sponsor a Child model
  • The astonishing number of children who don't receive the education they deserve

What's next for SponsorBook

  • Pitch to current charities that have a sponsor a child cause and hope they incorporate new technologies into their current model
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