Thanks to the polarized sunglasses I recently bought, I discovered that there is a bunch of stuff that either emit or reflect polarized light. This is so cool, I love these glasses!!

What is not cool is that I have to bend my head to make sure that I am indeed looking at polarized light :(

But… there is a solution!! Just wear a pair of Spolarized glasses and the polarized light will start flashing all around you!

How does it work? Pretty simple: you are being the world through spinning polarized filters!

Since I'm very eco-conscious (hmm… and since I couldn't find a suitable DC motor to equip the glasses), I designed a splendid hand-cranck to power the beast!

I wish I had time to 3D print a prototype but meh… here is a picture of the virtual parts instead! Enjoy ;)

Built With

  • google-sketchup
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