A website that verbally tells users when they enter or leave a floodplain as they are ON THE MOVE.

Try it out: https://justingosses.github.io/spoken-floodplain/


There has been a 75% increase in Houston floodings comparing the last two decades. Times are changing. Our environment is changing, and we need new measures to secure the safety of our families and our investments.

Damage from the last 2 Hurricanes: Hurricane Harvey (2017) destroyed 154,170 homes & 300,000 vehicles Hurricane Imelda (2019) destroyed another 4k homes

Existing solutions are time consuming and require too much user interaction. Our solution implements audio guided floodplain information that let users know when they enter/exit/change floodplain states while they are driving/commuting. This creates visual associations with floodplains and actual locations/markers.


Home buyers/renters can commute to multiple properties without having to input address into existing floodplain sites for each location. This minimizes the interaction needed otherwise needed to get floodplain information. Helps users make informed flood-risk decisions on potential homes. Helps people navigate flood plains from point A to point B Help/educates users on floodplains within their daily commutes in case of emergencies (EX: between home and child's schools, work, grocery stores, gas stations, nearest highways)

Using audio guided floodplain information improves the way we experience and understand it by connecting our auditory and visual senses. There is a hypothesis here that if floodplain information is experienced while actually in a place, it changes how people process it compared to the same information represented later in an abstract map form.

More information on the README on GitHub here: https://github.com/JustinGOSSES/spoken-floodplain

THE PROJECT SLIDES PRESENTATION following the houston hackathon template can be found here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1kz7w97LEenhE0t2bj9gjVpCtbpgohDKEAaqHmn88WYE/edit?usp=sharing It uses the hackathon template

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