CA Application Performance Management (APM) provides deep-dive analysis for Java and .NET applications. CA APM can be a simple deployment (single-server) to a complex environment with several collectors and network appliance. When the installation is complex and monitors business critical application on different network zones and spanning geographical locations, CA APM will require some application tuning itself. This Splunk App for CA APM provides real-time monitoring for the important CA APM components by trending the following health metrics:

*JVM Heap Allocation and Utilization *Garbage Collection *Harvester Duration *Smartstor Duration *No. of Connected Workstations *No. of Agents per Collector *No. of Live Metrics per Collector *No. of Collector Metrics *No. of Metric Groups *Metric Data Rates *Transaction Trace Metrics

Key Components

TA (EceteraTA4caapm.tar.gz) to monitor input - perflog.txt, tessperflog.txt, IntroscopeEntepriseManager.log App (EceteraApp4caapm.tar.gz) contains the dashboard, aliases, and lookups

Sample Data

Sample logs for eventgen can be found under the App samples folder.

Built With

  • csv
  • simplexml
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