Splitz Fighter is a 2.5d side scrolling shooter game, Pilot Splitz super jet fighter to blast through waves of flying saucers. Defend military base against alien intrusions.


  • Procedurally generated enemy.
  • Left and right endless loop play.
  • Power cell for extra shield to survive impact.

Kii Game Cloud is used to save high scores for registered player.

Built With

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posted an update

Alpha version is available for Android with more enemy boss, game levels, and weapons.

==New Features==

  • Unleash super weapon combo, missile salvos to decimate enemy.
  • Warp through worm holes to Moon, Mars, and Alien bases.
  • Fight 5 different Ufos crafts and defeat 3 unique alien bosses.
  • Unlock Achievements and compare leader board with Google Play on Android

Download at http://splitzfighter.chuart.com

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