Having a hard time splitting the bill? Just SplitIt! Being in the age of technology, it's clear that no one really carries cash anymore, but now you can pay your half at any time! With the creation of SplitIt, we have made settling debts one step easier. Our inspiration stemmed from our own personal experiences in calculating rental fees, and other general situations that required immediate reimbursement.

What it does

The webpage allows users to remind their friends of outstanding debts via email reminders. The user can submit a list of emails and input a cost that can be evenly distributed amongst the involved parties. Contained within the email is a listing of the amount due and a link to the users PayPal account.

How we built it

We built the front-end using HTML and CSS in Brackets. Meanwhile we built the back-end using JavaScript and Node.js in Visual Studio Code using the Live Share feature. We used SendGrid email API to implement a email reminder system, which allowed us to send out a bulk email reminder directly through JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Thought our time implementing the application, we ran into a few issues regarding the initial programming language that we planned to use. Our initial thought process was to create SplitIt with Java as we are most familiar with this language, yet we needed to use something that would be compatible and a smooth transition into the html code that is necessary in order to allow access to a website where people are able to add their information and pay others directly. In order to overcome such obstacles, we then made the conscious decision to code in JavaScript, which only one of us had much experience in. through our cooperative process, we were successfully able to finalize the product that is SplitIt, which combines both front-end and back-end implementation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the many hours that we spent developing and researching the server implementation. We all collaborated well and shared many laughs throughout the development process. We managed to create a clean, functional web-page that featured a custom logo and even a terms and conditions. We created a functional back-end that implemented a third-party API that allowed us to create email functionality. We also implemented back up plans to be used as a last resort of presentation, in the case of JavaScript code failing; we completed a GUI in Python and a subsequent program that would read the emails given and send payment requests.

What we learned

This was our first Hackathon and it was a valuable learning experience. We chose to challenge ourselves by exploring new technologies. Through developing code in JavaScript and Node.js we learned about the complex interactions between front-end and back-end development. We also learned to use the Visual Studio Code Live Sharing feature while collaborating on the code.

What's next for SplitIt

Coming Soon - Custom bill Splitting, login and security authentication, create a user database, and track specific bills using graphs and analytic tools!

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