The inspiration was quite straight. Our team is hanging out on various events and many times we were struggling with splitting our expenses on various stuff. We were bored of paper and pen method, which forced us to manually calculate how much money we owe to each other. So here it is. Spliti - your best friend when it comes to splitting expenses.

What it does

Spliti helps you to organize your expenses when you are planning some event which will be attended by lots of your friends. Main advantage of Spliti is quick receipts scanning which allows you digitalize all your receipts, manage its items and split them between your friends, so everyone will know how much money they owe to person who bought stuff.

In Spliti you can quickly create your event add people to it and after that every attendee will be able to add its own receipts so everything is nicely stored at one place. Moreover if you have some really close friends who accompany you at every event Spliti offers you creation of predefined groups of users, so splitting will be even easier.

How we built it

Our application is based on react native on the client side, for backend we used standard spring boot micro-service stack - Eureka, API Gateway pattern, Feign client and so on. As a database we chose graph database Neo4j because we think that modelling in this way can give us lots of possibilities to work with data in the future. And also we had previous experiences with it.

Challenges we ran into

  • deploying database and microservices on the server
  • some UI stuff in application
  • unexpected complexity of the API (various use cases and edge cases)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • creating designs for main screens
  • finishing REST API for main operations (Event and group CRUD, UAA operations, scanning and storing receipts)
  • deploying application backend and database on server
  • creating Hybrid application which contains main operations

What we learned

Guys from frontend learned react-native and on the backend side we enrich our skills in creating micro-service architecture and deploying it on real server.

What's next for Spliti

We are planning to add built-in payments, other cool features and publish Spliti to the world.

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