The whole idea comes from having roommates that waste an extreme amount of energy, while one is shutting off all the lights and keep paying the same amount in the monthly bill as the others.

What it does

An energy consumption tracking app, to monitor energy consumed per room and give its cost and environmental effects.

How we built it

With an awesome team of two marketers and one engineer. The main building process was of the circuits for the device and the app is made in the Ipa format.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of interface coders on the team and structuring the follow of the app to make it user friendly and improve UX.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

SplitGreen logo and business proposal and being able to adapt to changing ideas in the design of the application keeping the user in mind.

What we learned

Teamwork is everything, before we help the environment we have to change people's mind.

What's next for SplitGreen

Create more apps that will cater to a wider demographic and influence behavioral change for a better environment

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