Imagine beings at a web3 conference with your trusty crew, united by your love for crypto and shared adventures. From cozy AirBnB sharings to unforgettable dining experiences, the bonds grow stronger, but managing group expenses and settling debts can still be a cumbersome task.

Introducing Split3, a new easy way for expense management and debt settlement, all powered by the magic of Web3 and cryptocurrencies. No more headaches over who owes what, no more fumbling with awkward payment systems - just pure, crypto-fueled financial harmony for your tribe.

What it does

Seamless Expense Management: Split3 empowers you to create groups, whether they are close friends or fellow crypto enthusiasts you've just met, to collaboratively manage expenses. You can easily keep track of who owes what in real-time and settle debts with on-chain transactions.

Shared Pool Control: Beyond splitting bills, Split3 offers a unique feature: the ability to deposit funds into a shared group pool. With built-in group governance, you can collectively decide how to utilize these funds. Transferring group funds is seamless when a majority of the members approve.

Effortless Debt Settlement: Managing debts has never been simpler. If Alice owes Bob, she can pay him directly. However, in case Alice forgets, Bob can send her a friendly payment request to remind her.

How we built it

Our application is built using React and Next.js, with data storage powered by Supabase.

RequestNetwork Magic: The heart of our project is RequestNetwork, which enables seamless payments and debt settlement within the group. Users can initiate direct payments or send payment requests effortlessly. Through RequestNetwork users are able to create payment requests for their debtors, create and pay a request to their creditors and check a request detail before doing so.

Safe and Secure: Each group is backed by a Smart Contract owned by a Safe multi-sig, controlled by group members. This on-chain infrastructure ensures transparency in tracking expenses and debts. The multi-sig is important because every decision, is a group decision. This prevents malicious behaviours from one or more group members.

Challenges we ran into

One of our biggest challenges was integrating RequestNetwork, a critical component for debt settlement. It required a significant amount of time and effort to ensure it functioned seamlessly.

Managing intricate use cases, from adding expenses to automatically recalculating debts, and handling blockchain transactions through a multi-sig wallet, presented its fair share of struggles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we built an application that we and our peers might use even tomorrow, in our daily life. We are also proud about having designed an intuitive UI/UX to make the experience as smooth as possible. Finally, we're proud of the different tools and technologies that we've been able to put together during the weekend.

What we learned

While RequestNetwork was new territory for both of us, we embraced the challenge and mastered it. Our experience with Safe extended beyond the Safe App container, enabling us to cover a wide range of use cases that we didn't have the chance to try in the past.

What's next for Split3

Our vision for Split3 is to make it mobile-friendly, and we are committed to overcoming the challenges we faced with RequestNetwork, because we couldn't make it work on mobile. Our next step involves transforming it into a Progressive Web App, allowing users to seamlessly access and utilize Split3 from their mobile devices. We're also considering some further steps towards more security, improving the staking / locking mechanism and adding more incentives for group members to behave properly.

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 Team Members

Mattia Pomelli & Simone Staffa


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Built With

  • ethers
  • goerli
  • nextjs
  • react.js
  • requestnetwork
  • safe
  • supabase
  • typescript
  • wagmi
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