We wanted to create a group icebreaker that everyone could participate in. Icebreakers tend to be awkward, and the purpose of our game was to ease awkward tension. Originally, it was supposed to be played as a tournament with pairs of two that progress to further rounds, but we ran into some trouble with both setting up a live session using sockets and updating a database to store that information. 
   We had a lot of fun figuring out the logic of the game and planning out the user experience. We took time to carefully craft an engaging user story with several features including keeping track of the "stats" of the users throughout the story. 
   Our goal was to start off by having a minimum viable product. Unfortunately, we decided to set up our MVP in python, which made it difficult to fulfill our visions for S.O.S because we were unfamiliar with several technical approaches needed to integrate a python with a mass live web-user experience. 
  Connecting the pieces of the puzzle we made was by far the hardest part of our project. We were able to set up a Mongo database, but didn't know how to properly send data from our front-end html forms to our database, nor how to take keys from the data base and set them up as inputs for the back end function. We tried to set up web-sockets for live portions of the idea, but we weren't sure how to create a large live session that keeps track of the data of each user. At one point we realized React(which we finally realized was basically html written in javascript) may have been a better framework to work with in terms of socket support and ease of access but didn't really want to switch over due to sunken costs(eventually we agreed that we shouldn't have let sunken cost rule our decisions.)          
  Our final product ended up being the minimum viable product, with many leftover pieces we couldn't properly fit into our python/database puzzle. Despite all of my shortcoming, we learned quite a bit about different technologies and more specifically, how they fit together, which will definitely help out with future projects.  Using challenging technologies all of us were unfamiliar with helped make this experience more education,fun, and frustrating as all hackathons tend to be. Overall, although we may not have the product we envisioned, we're glad we were able to dip our toes into the unknown and come out learning a bit more than before. 
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