Split Me is a point-of-sale app that revolutionizes restaurant CRM by splitting the bill between customers at a table with a beautiful, multimedia receipt. Restaurants using today's POS systems lose out on valuable information when one person's payment represents the behavior of multiple customers. At the same time, customers struggle to read small-print, abbreviated receipts, decide how much each person should pay, and figure out how to make the payments. Split Me solves both of these problems by leveraging the power of the Mercury Hosted Checkout API. With Split Me, customers can easily split a bill, providing convenience for themselves and precise buying behavior information for the restaurant. With this specific customer information, stores can increase repeat business by following up with personalized information, encouraging social sharing, facilitating Yelp reviews, offering customized coupons, measuring the ROI of their marketing efforts, and more.

Ray Harris
Harvey Chan
Sasiluk Ruangrongsorakai

October 30, 2014

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