We started out with a simple idea: We wanted to make splitting bills with roommates easier. It's always a pain trying to keep track of bills with roommates, especially ones who may be more "forgetful" when it comes to paying you back.

What it does

Split enables users to easily split bills, rent, and any other expenses between groups of almost any size. Create an account, add people to your payment group, give it a name like "brunch buddies", and then scan in your receipts! The receipt totals can either be typed into the application or scanned in via OCR.

How we built it

The web application was built with a mixture of HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3 for the front end and Java Server Pages for the backend. We used our included Amazon AWS hosting credit in order to host our website and Java backend in order to serve content to users. We also created an Android app which was created using the built-in Android Studio libraries. Plans were hatched to use an external OCR library for scanning in receipts on Android, but unfortunately never saw completion due to time constraints.

Challenges we ran into

The tasks each team member worked on were totally new concepts - we wrote our back end utilizing a language and framework which only one of our team members had worked with in the past, and only in an enterprise environment. We decided to learn Android Development as we coded our app, never having attempted it in the past. Our two team members who put our web application together have never been to a Hackathon before (SpartaHack17 has been their first!) and have never even coded HTML before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Read above! Many of the skillsets that we used to create our project were learned during the length of this weekend and probably won't be forgotten for years to come.

What we learned

  • Sleep more than an hour per night
  • Hold off on Red Bull until you're extremely tired
  • It takes a while to upload a website to AWS hosting in Oregon
  • Eclipse EE with an AWS plugin is a lifesaver
  • Android Development/UI development is weird
  • Everything on an Android App relies on the placement of all the other elements, if you break one you break everything
  • The chalk boards in each room can be put to great use

What's next for Split

After SpartaHack we plan on developing Split further by polishing and publishing the Android application, buying a proper domain for the web application and opening it to the public, and re-working our Java back end in order to be faster and more secure.

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