When we were eating at a restaurant, brainstorming for ideas, we realized we needed to split the bill. This came out to be a tedious task because a few of our members ordered way more than they needed to. This lead to the idea that it would be great if one person could pay and also delegate who needs to be charged for what. Enter Split.

How it works

After the restaurant sends the check, all the users open the app on their phones. The person who will pay for meal will choose from a drop down of people he's eating with (using geofencing and the Venmo API) and take a picture of the receipt. This will then allow the user to make rectangles around each item on the receipt and then swiped over in the direction of the person to be charged for that item. After all of the items have been dispersed, the total charges are parsed from the receipt and posted as a charge to each Venmo account. The person to pay for the meal is given the money on Venmo and makes the payment for the meal.

Challenges we ran into

Outlook API was the hardest thing to decipher. Otherwise, finding the right libraries for each task revolving around flicking, finding nearby friends, etc. were difficult as well.

What's next for Split

Automated image recognition, and finding the people near you without even telling the app through an API.

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