Split Banking is an application aimed at improving credit card security using a mobile app. Rather than adding a credit card for a transaction on a potentially fraudulent site, Split generates and encrypts a card using a tokenization algorithm to prevent fraudulent charges to your card. These cards can be used for specific purposes like one-time transactions or monthly payments.

In addition to improving card security, Split Banking allows users to provide privileges to other users to share the use of their card. This comes in handy when splitting bills like apartment payments, utilities, or subscription fees. This also comes in handy to people who used a centralized credit card for their family -- instead of creating multiple physical cards, a user can share that centralized card with multiple people in their family.

Lastly, Split is a convenient method of carrying your wallet with you. Rather than split money and resources into multiple physical cards, Split treats a user's phone like a credit card while providing a security feature for potentially fraudulent transactions.

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