The need to create "Split" arose after an unsuccessful attempt at becoming proficient in multiple programming languages. While there are many websites that offer the source code of a give problem(ie Djikstra's, SelectionSort) in many languages, there are no websites that offer an account and a personalizbale code space for saving and editing the source code in multiple languages.

What it does

Split allows registered users to log into their account and work on their "Saved Solution Sets" at any time, from any device. When the user clicks in, and selecs "Saved Solution Sets" she is shown a list of all her solution sets. She can then click any set, which opens a window with multiple text editors, each in a different language

How we built it

The Javafx api, mysql,jdbc driver, flat-file database. The .java file was connected to a mysql database via a jdbc connection, which is a database that stores the information of each user. The database, also called Split , is then queried via a java "ResultSet" to retrieve data such as the user's password, email,savedSolution sets, etc. In the database, each user is assigned a column that saves a link to a .txt file containing the list of the user's saved programming programming.

Challenges we ran into

throwing exceptions on lambda exceptions creating a flat-file system to store the files interpreting the events properly Errors: ArrayIndexOutOfBounds, Restricted API Access, NullPointerException

Accomplishments that we're proud of

More than 1000 lines of code, and it works as planned

What we learned

outlinging your ideas handling lambda expressions in Java creating a flat-file database linking the jdbc to a database

What's next for Split

Split would like to become a large open source community where the solution to a any programming problems such as FizzBuzz, Travelling Salesman, Djikstra's, Shortest Path Algorigthm, A*, etc are implemented and shared by users from all over programming backgrounds.

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