College students love going to restaurants with groups of friends, but we all dread the moment when the waiter declares that the bill can't be split, whether due to "company policy" or the fact that we forgot to request separate checks the moment we sat down. The ensuing scramble is anything but pleasant, as everyone clamors to grab the receipt, calculate approximately how much their portion cost, and start searching for the right bills in their wallet. Recently, Venmo has become very helpful for precisely this use case, by allowing one person to smoothly pick up the tab with a credit card, then charge the others what they owe using a Venmo app. Even so, the process can be unnecessarily complicated, involving tedious algebra for split dishes and often leaving the person with the credit card to pick up an unfair share of the tip and/or taxes. Our app, Split, seeks to bridge this final gap, allowing a user to itemize the bill by Venmo user and dish, calculate the cost totals (including tip and tax), then seamlessly send the charges for approval. We believe that this solution "just makes life easier".

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