Well the project is based on the fiction story I am already working on. The fiction story has been very slowly in the works since 2012 so I was very familiar with the story content and how to use the plot for this interactive fiction. The story came about from a huge crush I had when I was a high school senior.

What it does

You type in commands to move around the text adventure game to work towards one of many endings. As you move around the environments and interact with the objects and people, you make your way though the game. It is similar to 1980s text adventure games and is similar in structure to Telltale games, but without the fancy graphics or quick time events.

How I built it

Built utilizing the official inform 7 program, the inform 7 manual, the inform 7 recipe book, notes from my last interactive fiction project, content from the fiction story itself. Inform 7 is a very popular program for making interactive fiction.

Challenges I ran into

Lots of program errors when I inputted something in a way the program did not like. Trial and error helped. Copy and pasting data that worked before helped as well, for some reason.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Expanded the scope of this interactive fiction while also focusing on better descriptions and less bugs. I tried hard to make it both bigger and better quality compared to my last interactive fiction.

What I learned

It was really cool to learn about how time works in inform 7! When I found out how to program it in properly I impressed myself with how to use it.

What's next for Splattering Yet Endearing Interactive

It seems like I could convert the whole fiction story into interactive fiction if I spend enough time and type out every scenario and action. The story is around 150 out of 1000 pages done. This project could use even more expansion and polishing and fleshing out the list of actions, environments etc.Hopefully I can add in more story material to closely tie this to the story and be of equally high quality.

Built With

  • inform
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