I am a teacher and before that I was a part-time teacher's assistant. I started off with just being frustrated with having to clean all of those broken crayons and going to buy new ones over and over again.

What it does

It is a crayon that contains a housing around it and gears that turn to push the crayon in and out when you're done using it, you put the top on! You can't break it so it save us teachers time and money.

How I built it

It is not completely at the final stage of design but just taking something else and put it together with something else.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge is of course money and marketing. I am currently working and studying more to get information and continue to learn about how to sell my product when the time comes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am almost done completing the design and I got accepted into the PITCH Competition!

What I learned

I learn that many of us have great ideas and inventions, it's important that we put action and faith behind them. With those two key factors, we will go a long way with our visions and maybe get others to see them as well!

What's next for SPLASH

Finish the product and boxing design, start on manufacturing, and study more on marketing!

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