Checks are annoying. Some restaurants don't split checks, others have a card limit. Venmo and Splitwise are OK but still require work. Introducing the most brain dead way to split checks. Split-it. It reduces the reams of paper used for tips etc.

What it does

Once you sit down at a table, Spl-it pairs with the bluetooth beacon on the table, automatically recognizing where you're sitting. The waiter/waitress enters your order on their tablet. Once you're done, the table receives an automated, itemized, bill where you choose what you want to pay for. Spl-it automatically handles shared items, distributes multi-order items, and organizes payments.

How we built it

The client app was created on iOS using swift, the waiter/waitress app was created in React using Typescript, and the backend was created using MongoDB Atlas/Stitch/Express.

Challenges we ran into

Making the backend and frontend extensible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

How to use MongoDB change streams and host a stitch app on an atlast cluster, and hook up the streams to the front end.

What's next for Spl-it

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