What is SpitBars?

SpitBars is a standalone application (web app in development) that listens to two people have a rap battle and then generates scores and statistics based on the qualities of a 'good rap' (which were determined thorough extremely intense research of scholarly articles, blog posts and community forums that discuss the subject.)

What does it do? How?

Our application uses several libraries and APIs, such as Google Speech Recognition and PyAudio, to transcribe the lyrics from each battling rapper. We then use our critical algorithm developed in Python to judge the rap based on several factors, such as: total rhymes, rhyme density, average word complexity, usage of alliterations, and # of unique words. We then quantize and analyze this data, allowing us the say who, based on cold hard facts, is indeed the better rapper out of the battling group.

Why we did it?

Rap is the one of the most revolutionary sociocultural movements of the 21st Century and as rap fans, all of us feel like there were not enough contributions in the field of rap and hip hop in the technology industry. From this love of computer science and hip hop, spitBars was born.

What makes it special?

This is the first of a kind platform that allows rappers to find try quantifiable results to who won a rap battle. This application has a wealth of growth potential, allowing it to move online where there could be nationwide competitions, to phones where individual users could work on their craft. It is the future of hip-hop.

What it was made with?

The program is made with Python and C#.

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