This project is being built from a clock/desk. The borrowed hardware includes a pipe wrapped with a triple helix of addressable LEDs controlled by a pair of Bluetooth connected Arduinos. When time advances, as it does, the pipe spins and the lights change so the time always faces the same direction but slowly moves from the top to the bottom. Our plan is to hijack the hardware and make playable game from the unique, and bright, hardware. The exact nature of the game is either a mystery or we haven't decided yet. Online leaderboard and multiplayer options are in our nice-to-have list. The music selection will be generated at pseudo-random and escalate to a fever pitch as the player advances in the game. All the hardware should arrive at the hackathon intact and ready for programming with no need for any assistance. With that said, I expect to spend most of the day repairing and performing maintenance. Because you know how that all goes. By the end, our team hopes to have a game that folks can walk up to, grab a wireless controller, and start playing without any explanation. Kids will probably be our first customers and we are happy to oblige.

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posted an update

The project has some rough position tracking and it can display the time from an Arduino with a real-time clock module. That hardware will not be used for the hackathon but it shows what the device is capable of. Below, I added a time-lapse video. When the clock 10:38, one of the LED strips goes off the rails and displays nonsense. So, yeah, that's a problem with the hardware.

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