Every one of us has seen it before: someone posts your hobby website to Reddit, and by the power of the great slavering masses the site is down in minutes. You could rent bigger servers, but that gets expensive if you keep them for too long. Even big companies get this wrong; remember last time the servers for that open beta were swamped for days?

That's where Spinup comes in. Register your Digital Ocean account with us, give us a server to copy and a load-balancer to talk to, and you're done. Spinup monitors the CPU and RAM usage on your child servers and automatically spins up new servers when the load gets too big. Even better, it gets rid of them when you're done, so you only pay for what you need. No wasted hosting, no prolonged overloads. Just Spinup.

Configuring Spinup is quick and easy. Simply select a child server and a load balancer. Spinup presents the user with a script that must be run on the child server. This script sets up a daemon that collects metrics such as CPU and RAM usage. On the backend, Spinup takes a "snapshot" of the child server.

That's it. Spinup automatically monitors server load. When the child server is beginning to max out, Spinup creates another droplet, using the snapshot taken earlier as a template. The new droplet binds to the load manager, easing the load on the child server. Finally, when the load decreases again, Spinup suspends these copies.

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