Get the most out of your tennis training and analyze your tennis matches with Spin Tennis: a standalone application that runs on your Samsung Gear 2 or Gear 2 Neo and tracks all your tennis shots.

SpinTennis counts your shots, and categorizes them into Forehand, Backhand and Overhead.

For each shot and each category, SpinTennis tells you the power of your last shot, the average power and the maximum power.

The main screen gives you the overall shots count, swipe down to see more details (forehand, backhand, overhead). Swipe up to go back to previous data.

Planned updates:

  • lefty support (in the works already!)

  • session saves

  • Linked Android App

  • more advanced stats with timespan info (e.g. per-set stats, improvement week over week, etc.)

  • game timer

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