To do a hardware hack

What it does

Spins on the spot and creates a nice cooling airflow.

How we built it

By programming ESP microcontroller we were able to turn DC motors. To make it remote we decided to go wireless. By creating a WiFi connection with the microcontroller and running the server with main functionalities.

Challenges we ran into

Overheating problems which were caused by batteries we used. Wire connection problems which were solved after many troubleshooting tests

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We only destroyed one microcontroller.

What we learned

  • Electronics
  • Arduino programming
  • Sleep deprivation for 40h ## What's next for Spinning Companion
  • Make it useful
  • Heatsink adding

Built With

  • arduino
  • dc-motors
  • duktape
  • esp8266
  • pizza-box
  • reacte
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