Fun unique Game which can be played by anyone

What it does

Phone is the new beyblade .Lay it flat on the table wait for the green light and then spin it with your maximum power .The person who spins the phone faster wins the game.

How we built it

I used android studio to develop the app. I used completely java for the backend and XML for the ui.It gets its motion data from accelerometer sensors and then finding the maximum resultant acceleration vector magnitude and rounding off to give the score to the user

Challenges we ran into

Reading data from sensors and understanding how to use them for our scenario.Sensors are pretty noisy which made it difficult to detect whether the phone is at rest or in motion.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The algorithm which made the app stable as the noise of sensors made it less reliable initially and also my first android app which i used sensors data

What we learned

How to build apps which uses sensors data, and how physics and vectors can come handy in building apps

What's next for Spinner App

The next version can include a Leaderboard , where all user's high score is stored in an S3 bucket and can be viewed by the players in the app and users also can publish their scores to the leaderboard.

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