In the traditional Internet, people can use legal tender to make bets, such as the World Cup, lottery, etc. In the blockchain world, we can use smart contracts and oracle to reform the gambling industry and promote the 2.0 development of the entire gambling industry

What it does

it app is a gambling, the content is more than just a football or lottery, is the whole world, such as the Olympic Games gold medal number, the World Cup, the NBA championship, even AE price forecasting, etc., is a gambling software and content from various aspects, use aetericty chain technology always run in the aeternity in the chain, it will be a good example and viral applications. It also contributes to the ecological development of Aeterinty. Winners share the prize pool and pay part of the fees to Oracle vendors, which is a win-win in many ways.

How we built it

In the development of products, I currently use aeternity block chain as the underlying basis, using Sophia's smart contract to write fixed rules, using Oracle to obtain external data, users can use AE tokens to make bets and pledges. At the end of the contest, external data will be provided by Oracle to confirm the results. The winning party will then split the total bet

Challenges we ran into

current situation, we don't have a lot of data providers, so we're looking at a lot of scenarios

  1. Professional data providers provide data
  2. Data aggregator collects data from users (go to central Oracle)
  3. Administrator access, manual access to data

In the early stage, under the condition that the ecology is not very complete, the three schemes may be adopted at the same time. In the later development, scheme 1 and 2 will be mainly adopted

Due to time constraints, the aggregator is still under development, but I have reserved the interface in the contract to be used immediately after completion

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. We will change the entire gambling industry, making the entire gambling industry digital and distributed.
  2. After using Aeterinty, there is no difference between Aeterinty and centralized APP, with low cost and fast speed
  3. There are many ways to gain from using smart contracts and Oracle

What we learned

I learned a deeper knowledge of blockchain and a deeper understanding of Oracle. I bought some more AE :).

What's next for Gælect link aepp

The good news is that by the time I entered the competition, the APP was almost complete. It supports both Android and iOS. However, due to the limitations of the iOS market, it may not be available in some countries. In the future, for the convenience of computers, we will consider using web + superhero wallet. This is the plan for the future.

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