We first decided to do this game because of a cool game called Duck Hunt that involves shooting down birds. I am a tower-defense game fan and I decided that I wanted to create my own tower defense game.

It uses fish models to cause intense dizziness. It has a makeshift gun that is used to shoot down the fish. It offers quite the interesting user experience in a stormy ocean. The game is also quite frightening in that the fish swim really fast around you and you really feel surrounded.

We ran into several problems. For example, when creating the game, we had a hard time with things like animation, figuring out how to fire projectiles in a straight line, and working with several cameras.

We are proud of the fact that we came in with not so much experience with Unity. When we first realized the app we had in mind wouldn't be so simple, we did have some doubt at times. However we were able to persevere with the help of a mentor Christian. I am very glad that with his help I was able to figure out several things that I had never done such as Collision Detection. At the same time, I am proud of my partner Jeff Pitcairn who managed to figure things out such as circular animation in Unity.

Both Jeff Pitcairn and I learned a ton about cameras, animation, and vector manipulation. With cameras, we learned how to access the angle, position vector, and other information. With animation, we both learned how to create moving lanes of objects. Finally, we both learned a ton more about the potential that Unity has. In addition, I got to finally learn C# and 3D game development.

In the future, we definitely have a strong interest in improving this application. Some things that I would like to continue to work on would be making the ammunition fire straight, reduce firing lag, and add in different difficulties for levels. We also think it would be cool to have several other NPCs such as mermaids, narwhals, or swordfish. We of course are also interested in figuring out how to port this application to different app stores such like the windows phone app store and android app store for others to enjoy.

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