We created Spiffy out of pure frustration from spending hours and hours custom coding our client's Infusionsoft order forms to look better and be mobile responsive. Wanting to maximize conversions and revenue, making these changes to the order from were always an important part of the equation. We had a template built to save a lot of development time, but even just making the changes to the template to work for each individual client was a tedious and time consuming process.

There were several other 3rd party integrations that we had come across and even used for certain clients. But, we weren't fans of 3rd party integrations because it required rebuilding order forms, inputing and maintaining product details and pricing in multiple locations, and often times made it difficult or impossible to accurately track sales data and track affiliate sales. All of those inefficiencies kept our fingers coding custom order forms for clients.

We decided that there had to be a way to productize our template, add even further functionality, and create a new and improved order form for infusionsoft customers without crazy API integrations, coding, or extra work. A product that kept the sale transaction on the Infusionsoft platform, and was extremely simple to setup.

Honestly, we weren't even sure if what we were working towards was even possible when we first started. And, at several points throughout the process of creating Spiffy, there were times where we felt like we had reached the end of the line, but we kept at it, finding breakthroughs and finding work arounds to what we thought wasn't possible.

What it does

Spiffy takes your existing Infusionsoft order form and transforms it into a beautiful, mobile-optimized, and conversion-optimized sales machine.

Not only does Spiffy give a visual and modern facelift to the Infusionsoft order form but Spiffy also optimizes your order forms for traffic coming from mobile devices. The user interface on mobile devices streamlines the purchase process to make the buying experience as smooth as possible. Features like auto recognizing credit card type, presenting a keypad when typing in a credit card or phone number, big payment option buttons, and hiding the Paypal button when a payment plan is selected, are just a few ways Spiffy optimizes order forms for mobile devices and streamlines the checkout experience.

Spiffy also makes Infusionsoft order forms FTC compliant by adding a link to Terms, Conditions, & Contact Information to the footer of your order form without having to code it in your self.

How we built it

There was a lot of trial and error, and hitting the drawing board all along the process.

The crux of how we built Spiffy was starting with an minimum viable product (MVP) and selling our software directly to the customer via 1-to-1 Skype or GoToMeeting product demonstrations. We started making sales when a sale still meant we had to manually code and setup the customer's account and send them their Spiffy code to copy and paste into their order form. There was no login portal or automated product delivery system. But, that approach was a gold mine. Although each sale required a good amount of work on our end, we got feedback as we were developing the product. This did four big things for us, 1) created a revenue stream early, 2) provided feedback for immediate changes 3) spoon fed us ideas for features down the road we hadn't thought of, and 4) built a base of raving fans who had direct access to us.

We had one-to-one conversations with about 20-30 Infusionsoft customers and partners before we finished the development of v1 of Spiffy. Having one-to-one conversations isn't a scalable way of building a software business and we knew that from the beginning, but the learning that occurred in those conversations was invaluable and ultimately made Spiffy a better product.

On the technical side...

We built Spiffy using several different technologies and platforms.

The actual Spiffy order form code is all coded in javascript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. When taking the step to productize Spiffy we leveraged other coding languages like PHP and node.js and a couple existing platforms and technologies like a CDN, WordPress and Memberium. We used these tools to create a security layer, add infrastructure for speed and reliability, and to build out the "Login and account management" functions of our software.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges is the fact that the core of our application's technology is 100% dependent on the actual Infusionsoft order form.

The way the base Infusionsoft order forms are developed, create a whole slew of challenges for us. One of the big hurdles was how all of the elements on the Infusionsoft order from are Ajax, which makes each section refresh whenever a change is made to the order form.

Another challenge was finding a way to productize our template and create a security layer to our application to protect our code and make sure that people aren't able to use our technology without and active subscription.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most importantly, we're most proud of our customers who we are helping save time & money by not having to hire a developer while providing a simple product that solves their need and boosts sales conversions.

In January, we averaged about a sale per day which was a big accomplishment since we aren't proactively drumming up sales 8-hours per day or making outbound contacts. So that was exciting!

Many influencers in the Infusionsoft community have been singing out praises and talking about our product. We have a few famous customers in the Entrepreneurship and Health & Wellness industries, so it's cool to see those names in our customer list.

What we learned

Our "Lean Startup" approach to creating Spiffy, ie: how we started selling our product before it was "complete", was done in a manner that allowed our customers to influence our development was an amazing thing to experience. We learned so much about the needs, desires, pains, and aspirations of our customers and that learning made our product better.

We ultimately learned that the people you are creating the product for, should always be involved early in the process of bringing that product to life.

This concept was something that we knew cognitively, and even coached past clients to implement; but, experiencing it first hand with our own product was something special.

What's next for Spiffy

We have some exiting things already in progress that will be a game changer for Infusionsoft customers, and small business owners and online marketers in general.

A couple things coming down the pipe: 1) A drag-and-drop order form builder that will allow you to have even more control over customizing your infusionsoft order form.

2) The ability to change color schemes

3) An advanced Stripe integration

And, much, much more. :)

We're super excited for the opportunity to compete in this year's Battle of The Apps!

Thank you!

Michael & Jeremy

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