Our Idea To create a user-interactive game between one's Android device and laptop; an app was created in Android studio to be linked to a Flash game created with Adobe Animate.

Problems we encountered This was a learning experience for everyone, especially when it came to creating a server to send commands from the Android app to the Flash game. Our group explored web services, sockets, and so on, but sadly we did not have the time necessary to fully implement this concept.

Future scope of our project With our project, users will be immersed in a new mode of gameplay with their Android device: instead of pressing keys on the keyboard and clicking a mouse to play, they will explore a more spatial approach to gameplay by hooking up their mobile device and using a touchscreen. With added functionality such as voice commands to pause and resume the game, this method of play would make for a seamless experience for the player.

Contributors: Anthony Niemiec Trishank Rao
Bao Dau

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