This game is inspired by the 2D Super Mario games. Since I am a beginner using Unity Engine, building a 2D platform game is a great start to get into game development because the concept is rather simpler than FPS or Third-Person game.

What it does

Similar to the 2D platform games, the player needs to go through a series of challenges in order to finish a level. The twist of this game is the player needs to collect all of the diamonds in a timed environment while avoiding all of the spiders. The player can also collect air tokens and time tokens to extend the time and air bar. The game also provides player with bouncers that can help players to reach higher platforms.The door (finish point) will not open unless the player collects all of the diamonds.

How I built it

I first create all of the different animations for objects in the game such as the player model and the enemy models. Then I wrote scripts for each models to add functions to them. For example, I wrote the player script for the player model, so I can controller using keyboard. The sprites (a collection of pixel images) I used are found online because I am not a good artist and I just want to get into building the game first before creating my own assets for the game. Then I put different assets on the screen to create my first level for this game. I also created a main menu, so the player can select different levels of the game. I created links for each button, so each time I click on a button, the button will pause, resume, restart the game, or go back to the main menu.

Challenges I ran into

One of the challenges I ran into was creating a new level with a different player model. The new sprite sheet I found online was much smaller than the first one I found. When I tried to resize the new player model, the model shrinks its size whenever I tried to press a button to move it. My friend who was in my team solved the problem by resizing the pixels of the sprite sheets in a editing software.The other challenge I faced was the game was full of bugs when I tried to play the game using the second player model. In order to solve the problems, I created completely new scripts and for that second player model and all the other objects that the second player model is interacting with.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The accomplishment that I am proud of is I can make a functional game for the first time. My friend did not know anything about Unity, so I needed to teach him how to interact the interfaces of the Unity Engine while building the game.

What I learned

What I learned from building this game is there are more things to consider while building the game, that I did not realize that I needed to write dozens of scripts for a very simple game.

What's next for Spider Cave

The Spider Cave will have more levels with different monster models and different player models. And the difficulty will increase as the level progresses.

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