That moment when that gif lines up right with that song you like, and you stare transfixed, your day a little better, and the crowd goes wild. A simple, universal pleasure, now anytime.

What it does

This website allows users to upload a song, and have it processed for tempo matched in perfect time to a dancing gif loop that the user may then enjoy with their music. These gifs are also ranked by popularity in terms of their "spiciness"

How I built it

A node.js server handles requests and processes the music files. The gif data is processed in advanced via script and stored in a Firebase database for later use by the client, which is in HTML and javascript/JQuery.

Challenges I ran into

Image processing to determine the tempo of the gifs was difficult, as was the sound processing for the music files. There were also technical difficulties with integrating the team's components into the final demo

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Terrible image processing that would return tempo data Smooth and sleek front-end Idea originality - spicy! Music tempo processing

What I learned

Image processing is actually the devil Spicygifmemes never gets less funny

What's next for Spicy Gif Memes

-Job keys -Upload to a permanent server and let it be free for the reddit community to enjoy

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