Wanted to bring Chess back to life by making it exciting and completely unpredictable

What it does

Regular multiplayer Chess with a little spice added through special effects that have a chance of triggering with every single click on the board.
Even the clicks of spectators can change the course of the game.

Kill the KING to win. No checks, just go for it


  • Plague: All pieces have a 30% chance of dying
  • Kill: Clicking on a piece has a random chance of killing an enemy piece, BUT also your own. No more touching pieces that you do not want to move.
    -Resurrect: Clicking on the empty squares of where a piece used to be can bring it back to life. If an enemy piece is in its starting point, it will spawn on top of it, killing it.
    -Flood: All live pieces rush back to their starting point.
    Join with a friend by sharing the room name or team up with someone by talking in the global chat found on the homepage
    ## How I built it Single page application built in React.JS. Hosted with Heroku, Netlify and

Challenges I ran into

Making a multiplayer browser game in React.JS in less than 30 hours was quite the sleepless challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Multiplayer functionality works great for both game-play and in-game chat
Successful Single page application connected to a custom web server while handling web sockets.

What I learned

Learned how to host React projects

What's next for Spicy Chess

More special effects both in functionality and styling.

Built With

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