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A survey process executed by the IT Help Desk in your business is the cornerstone to continual improvement of your team, services, and improved customer satisfaction. Everyone on the IT service and IT management team needs feedback from customers regarding service satisfaction. Integrated with your help desk system, survey every service upon completion through either an automatic or a manual method. Without customer feedback, it is difficult to know which services or personnel require attention.

My ‘Help Desk Ticket Survey Apps’ will generate the survey on the closed tickets and it will generate a feedback form after clicking on the ‘Closed ticket’ listing page.

Please follow the steps:

Step 1: login to the Spiceworks Developer Edition. Step 2: After log in we will come to ‘Setting Manage App Page’. Step 3: Then click on the ‘Help Desk Ticket Survey App’. This is where my Platform App is running. Step 4: After clicking ‘Help Desk ticket survey’ it will display the closed ticket list. This page is for listing the closed tickets with their Summery, Description, status and a Survey link. Here I am listing only those tickets which are closed, as my App based on only closed tickets. Step 5: After clicking the ‘Survey’ Link of the above listing, we will get a Survey/feedback form which customer has to fill and submit. Step 6: This information will be saved into Database with unique ‘Ticket id’

Challenges I ran into

It was a lengthy process as I had been a house wife and I have a wonderful kid and much more wonderful husband.I had a zeal for Software Development but somewhere managing my family I lost the touch .This Challenge allowed me to reinvent that zeal for my work and I dedicate it my son Soham. Day went by studying Spiceworks SDk and how to use the api.I asked questions in the Challenge and substantially it cleared my doubts.The D day came now was the time to upload the project and time was less I started uploading the project on Azure but some how it didn't work out.Next came in my mind booking the domain and alas I am proud I did it.The project was complete and here I am writing the descriptions.My friend Abhishek helped me in this project and was a motivator.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting acquainted with Spiceworks SDK and integrating it in CAKE PHP it was an awesome experience Hosting the site locally to remote felt more accomplished.

What I learned

Integrating API with Cake PHP and MySql

What's next for SpiceworksHelpDeskSurvey

More updates as I develop and strengthen the project with inputs.

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