Whats this bot is all about ?

Its carpooling bot Developed to help slack team members share ride. We believe carpooling is a great initiative to,

  • Reduce Traffic on roads
  • Reduce pollution impact on environment
  • Have a stress free ride sometimes ! 

How it works ?

You need to have a slack team ! Add our carpooling app to your slack team by using our ‘Add to Slack Button’ A Bot user called ‘carpool’ will get added Start chatting with ‘carpool’ to add your ride or look for the ride ! Just relax and our bot will take you through the process

Features Its server-less ! Built using,

  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS API Gateway
  • GoogleMaps APIs
  • Slack APIs
  • Wit.ai (For NLP)

Functionalities Looking for Carpool buddies to share your ride ? – Add route Looking for Carpool ? Search route Found route you want to ride along ? Register yourself ! Not happy with the route ? Unregister Edit / Delete routes you have added Bot will search best routes based on your inputs You will also be given Google Maps URL which will open google maps and you can see the entire route, before you make your choice If you own a route, you will get a chance to ‘Approve’ the request made by someone to ride along

How to Test Log in to your slack team Open ‘add-to-slack.html’ from github repository Click on ‘Add To Slack’ button Accept the permissions Reply will download no-error (containing ‘null’ as string) and ‘Carpool’ bot user will be added to your team Start using it ! Say ‘help’ to bot to know which phrases our bot is most familiar with ! )

Some phrases our bot is familiar with… ‘Looking for carpool buddies’ – to add the route ‘Looking for carpool’ – to search routes ‘Show my requests’ ‘Show my approvals’ ‘help’

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