We are inspired by the Chinese messenger WeChat, which combined the functions of a social network, a wallet, online games, and a marketplace.

What it does

It provides wallet functionality. It provides marketplace functionality, you can create invoice and sell your files, goods and services in Sphere. It provides marketing tool called 'Treasure Chest' similar to 'Red Packet' in WeChat. L2 payments based on zkSync.

How we built it

Original idea came from WeChat and TON project, we planned to build Sphere based on GRAM crypto currency. But TON project was blocked by SEC so we decide to use ETH as first currency.

Challenges we ran into

People who never worked with WeChat are hard to get into using Chat bots as full functional applications. Also people who never used a crypto also hard to understand how it works. So one of challenges is to create clean and understandable user experience. Another challenge is to gain users trust to use they own money in it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The system is build based on Domain Driven approach so it can be easily extended to use other user interfaces not only Telegram Bot. We've implemented clean and declarative way to build user experience flow. Which is give us possibility to quickly extend and grow current functionality.

What we learned

Users value simplicity and convenience. L2 solution is not silver bullet and using of it is limited.

What's next for Sphere

We on the process of building web interface to let people to communicate with system from browser too. To create secure payments system with 3rd party authority, so buyer paid but seller get his money if buyer got his order. Integrate payments with other services in Telegram

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