We believe that the development of an ecosystem that allows many people around the world easily and conveniently use cryptocurrency, has great potential. We was inspired by the Chinese messenger WeChat, which combined the functions of a social network, a wallet, online games, and a marketplace. And we decided to combine the cryptocurrencies and WeChat functional in Telegram.

What is Sphere wallet provides?

*Wallet functionality (to transfer money to your contacts in Telegram, or to the wallet addresses)

*Marketplace functionality (you can create invoices and sell your files, goods and services in Telegram)

*Treasure Chest (it's marketing tool/game similar to 'Red Envelope' in WeChat)

*Fast and cheap transactions using zkSync(L2) (transactions carried out using this technology are 10 times cheaper than a regular transaction on the ETH network)

How we built it

The Sphere is a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet based on Telegram.

Supported cryptocurrencies: ETH, USDT (ERC20).

The Sphere is designed for the convenient and secure exchange of funds between Telegram users. To transfer money, just select a contact, indicate the transfer amount, and enter a password (specified during registration). The Sphere wallet is created on the ETH network and can be used with other ETH wallets.

The funds in the wallet are stored in cryptocurrency, but for convenience, they can be displayed in the currency selected by the user: RUB / USD / EUR, etc. The balance of the wallet in the currency selected by the user depends on the current exchange rate and is constantly changing, while the cryptocurrency deposit remains the same.

The secret key is stored encrypted by the user's password on the server. For the safety of our clients, we do not store passwords and do not have access to them.

Challenges we ran into

*People who never worked with WeChat are hard to get into using Chat bots as full functional applications.

*People who never used a crypto also hard to understand how it works.

So one of our challenges is to create clean and understandable user experience.

*Another challenge is to gain users trust to use their own money in it.

Therefore, we need a positive buzz and a mention of the Sphere Wallet in a groups and channels dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

We are group of crypto enthusiasts and develop the Sphere ecosystem for free and for the benefit of the community.

*We love what we do, but each of us has to work on other projects to make money. This affects the speed of development and implementation of new functionality in the wallet.

Our project is already in production and has its users, but to rise it to the next level we need funding. Pay salaries to developers and other specialists, as well as advertising costs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The system is build based on Domain Driven approach so it can be easily extended to use other user interfaces not only Telegram Bot.

We've implemented clean and declarative way to build user experience flow. Which is give us possibility to quickly extend and grow current functionality.

What we learned

*Users value simplicity and convenience.

*L2 solution is not silver bullet and it's using are limited.

What's next for Sphere

We on the process of building web interface to let people to communicate with the system also from the browser.

To create secure payments system with 3rd party authority, so buyer paid but seller get his money only after buyer got his order.

Integrate payments with other services in Telegram such as: games, private channels, restaurants etc.

Add more cryptocurrencies such as XCH and use it to pay on marketplace.

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posted an update

We are glad that the Sphere project was noticed by the judges and we were included in the list of winners! This victory is very important for our team and for the project itself. We have huge plans for the future development and we are delighted to partner with Chia.

We want to invite the participants and judges of the Hackathon to get to know more about the Sphere wallet through our marketing tool - the Treasure Chest! So you can try the functionality and user flow of the Sphere wallet. And even to win a cash prize.


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posted an update

During the last week, Sphere wallet has added 2 new languages: Spanish and Portuguese. As you know, residents of these countries actively using cryptocurrency and the Sphere can provide them a convenient tool for exchanging funds, as well as selling goods and services in Telegram. To date, the Sphere supporting 12 languages.

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