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The inspiration for this project was from the health issues that arise for small businesses as well as customers. We wanted to create a project that would help our businesses but would also ensure safety for all potential customers. We wanted to help eliminate the risk that workers encounter when working in small businesses as well as the risk of going out to a store. When brainstorming ideas, one idea stood out from the rest with the potential to make an impact on our community. Spero was born!

What it does

Spero is a dynamic website which contains a database, Polynomial Regression ML model, as well as a personalized survey. Through research as developing, we have come up with a product that can serve as a dashboard for small/medium businesses as they navigate through this time of uncertainty. The main issue to solve was preventing the spread of COVID-19. To do this we developed a database that would allow businesses to put out slots with defined maximums and a client side where customers could sign up. This would prevent any overcrowding and would allow the business to plan in terms of resources. We took this a step further and created a Polynomial Regression ML model that would allow businesses to use past customer data to predict the influx of new customers. Lastly, we created a *personalized survey that would be perfect for small businesses across the country. * It contains the most recent data from government sites about employee and health regulations so all businesses could stay on top of things! With Spero, businesses can explore more resources, commonly asked questions, and more.

How we built it

We built this project using many languages. These include:

HTML/CSS/JS for the main website Templated for the CSS template Repl.it for the compiler MySQL and PHP myAdmin and Apache for the database Numpy/MatplotLib/SciKitLearn/Python for the ML model JS for the personalized survey JS for maximum occupancy

We all were new to Javascript as well as Machine Learning. Two of us also had little/no experience with HTML/CSS so we all learned a lot through this Hackathon!

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some challenges that had to do with the MySQL/PHP database as well as the integration with the ML model. With the database, we had trouble trying to increment the number of people per appointment due to the connection within the two data pieces. For the integration with Python, we ended up switching to using Repl.it, an online compiler, to embed the ML model within the website as well as linking it to the page. This allowed the user to run it through the website as well as check out the code. Since we didn't have much experience with the coding languages and the time limit, we worked together and figured out our own strengths and weaknesses to pull together a final product

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments we are proud of are implementing Machine Learning within our project as well as integrating the database. We were having a lot of trouble with the integration so to have the final project completely integrated is an accomplishment. We are also proud of the JS personalized regulation survey because the two team members who worked on that had no previous knowledge of Javascript but they were able to complete the feature.

What we learned

We all learned something new during this Hackathon. Anchal and Manya learned to use Javascript and Manya and Rachel learned to fully integrate HTML/CSS. Sriya learned to integrate a database with an HTML website and Anchal learned more about Machine Learning through the Regression Model.

What's next for Spero

Spero hopes to be a crucial tool in keeping business workers and customers safe. We would like to also integrate more features that include using a database to find suppliers based on location as well as service. We would also like to add a more user friendly main dashboard equipped with graphs to promote a user friendly experience.

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The first repl.it link doesn't have the database nor does the uploaded file because the file size was too big. We added the last link which includes our code to the database which is all contained which is within a google drive folder. Thank you and please let us know if there are any file issues!

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