Submitting bank transaction records during tax season is a tedious and rigorous process. Not only do you need to parse through every transaction, but you need to dig through old receipts and match them up with the bank records (if you actually still have the receipts). Spenser takes care of that.

What it does

Spenser quickly takes a picture of your receipt and matches it up with your credit card/bank record so you can throw the receipt out and never worry about it again.

How we built it

We used an API called ABBY to handle the OCR transcribing and we used Plaid API to safely and gain access to users bank transaction history.

Challenges we ran into

Authorizing with banking is a hassle. To get the authorization flow working in a way where it is initiated by the iOS application but authorizes the Rails application to access the users' data was a struggle (expectedly, privacy is important and therefore complicated).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works as intended. Can do the signup flow, get users' transactions, take a picture, and store to S3 for later.

What we learned

We're really good at building apps. Jokes. Everything takes longer than you expected. Little things can burn hours. Need to be prepared to overcome unforeseen obstacles.

What's next for Spenser

Going to patch some things up and allow authentication using multiple bank accounts, implement filtering, and implement exports and finally, submit it to the app store.

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