After spending more than $1000 on watching movies at movie theatres, I realized that there should be financial assistant that can summarize all my financial accounts and suggest me ways to save on expenditure in all the categories. So we envisioned a user centric, analytic driven system - we built the system - we named it "Spendze"

What it does

Spendze analyzes all your REAL bank accounts, credit card and debit card transactions and identify the spending patterns with predictive and prescriptive analytics and provide recommendations to save your expenditure.

How we built it

We built Spendze using Plaid API, Highcharts API, Amazon Web Services EC2. We started off using KeyBank's API but the data set is very less for our anlaysis moreover we wanted to have system that can consolidate data from all the financial accounts, so we ended up using Plaid API which can connect to all the financial accounts.

Challenges we ran into

Authentication to multiple bank accounts through Plaid API and training deep learning model were our major challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built the next big thing. We are a team with different educational back ground. Azim Shaik and Akhil Koothal have a computer science background, Mujeeb has Manufacturing and Industrial Technology background, Avinash Venkat has a Data Analytics back ground. While Azim, Akhil and Mujeeb were working on application development and deployment, Avinash worked on designing a deep learning model to be able to learn and predict spending patterns.

What we learned

We learned how to link multiple financial accounts to consolidate the transaction data using Plaid.

Spendze is live

Yes you can try it with YOUR credentials Currently our app is in Beta testing. Please reach out to us for production access. You can still test this out with test credentials id:user_good, password: pass_good

What's next for Spendze - Your personal Financial Assistant

Spendze's future scope is to build a blockchain based payment system embedded with in Spendze. (We are not going for an ICO)

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