Being introduced to financial strategies, many are skeptical simply because they can't imagine a significant reward for smarter spending.

What it does

  • Gives you financial advice based on your financial standing (how many credit cards you have, what the limits are, whether you're married or single etc.)
  • Shows you a rundown of your spendings separated by category (Gas, cigarettes, lottery, food etc.)
  • Identifies transactions as reasonable or unnecessary

How I built it

Used React for the most part in combination with Material UI. Charting library used is Carbon Charts which is also developed by me:

Challenges I ran into

  • AI
  • Identification of reasonable or unnecessary transactions
  • Automated advising

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Vibrant UI

What I learned

  • Learned a lot about React router transitions
  • Aggregating data

What's next for SpendWise

To find a home right inside your banking application.

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