What it is

SpendTheBits is a cryptocurrency payment mobile app which is powered by XRP Ledger, a decentralized, open source platform. Our focus is to provide interoperable multi-currency payment solutions (P2P/P2B) around the globe.


No solution exists to enable users to pay using the crypto currencies they have. We wanted to make crypto payments seamless and cheap.

What it does

It empowers KYC'ed users to make payments in multiple currencies including CBDC , cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins

How we built it

We have worked on this technology for the past two years and have been associated with XRPL for a long time. We have a close-knit team of 5 people across the globe who meet daily to create a polished product using XRP Ledger in the backend.

Challenges we ran into

We have encountered numerous challenges in creation of this app.

  1. Cutting-edge technologies with less real examples. (Like ILP , XRPL 2 years back , FLARE)
  2. Bridging gap between blockchains ( User can fund /withdraw real BTC in/out of our app)
  3. Create a simple UserInterface for the user hiding all complex terminologies of trsut Line , Rippling etc. for a daily user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. STB is one of the simplest app to store and pay crypto and fiat.
  2. We have a fully functional merchant panel to accept payments using PayString
  3. To ease user onboarding in mainnet, we allow users to fund their wallets using any currency and we do the complex calculation to convert it to XRP to activate their wallet with 10 XRP. For example, user can pay 12XRP worth of BTC, he gets 10 XRP to activate his wallet and remaining 2 XRP in BTC form.
  4. We have a created a realistic scenarios for CBDC issuance and payments for this hackathon which is a slightly modifed version of our original offering.
  5. We have a multi-lingual app with support for RTL languages as well

Value Proposition

Using our platform, crypto transfers can be finalized in a matter of seconds. By deploying a user’s bitcoin onto the XRP blockchain, Users get all of the benefits as they will be able to send fast, cheap & eco friendly payments to merchants. Our app facilitates payments in crypto to bricks and-mortar and online merchants where transactions will be confirmed in a very fast, efficient manner, unlike the current situation with bitcoin where transactions are slow to process and inefficient for retail payment

What's next for Spend The Bits

  • We are working on trust less IOU issuance using FLARE
  • We are working on launching in more countries
  • We are working on cross-ledger payments using ILP , Mojaloop.

We build on XRP Ledger

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