What it does

Chatbot to encourage teenagers to save and spend money judicially.

How I built it

We used AIML, Python, web trio (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), twilio and host of apis of ebay, yelp, indeed, New York Times and Pandorabots. We integrated all these to come up with this simplistic interface with which even non-tech savvy people can get awesome financial assistance whenever they want, wherever they want free of cost.

Challenges I ran into

We had not built a full fledged chatbot before. Putting all these apis together and make it work together at your fingertips in real-time was a big challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Chatbot was an unanimous idea from our entire team and we were excited about it from the very beginning. The way we made the entire mesh of apis work through a simple message service without installation of an additional app gives us a great sense of accomplishment :).

What I learned

All of us learnt something new today. We got good at using pandorabots and whole host of apis from different companies. We are sure, next time we come together the app's gonna get into a different level altogether :).

What's the future for spend smart

  • The next step is to find the cheapest price for deals like restaurants near you and even reserve a table for you through a message client in seconds
  • To order the cheapest smartphone from amazon through your chatbot
  • The future is to add AI and make 'spend smart' more smart so that, it knows your wishes and notify you when an item you could not buy yesterday is available today at a discount price in a clearance sale in the street across yours.
  • The future of 'spend smart' is machine learning and sentiment analysis
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