Spence brings your kitchen into the 21st century. It uses cameras, image processing, barcode scanning and a custom visual data serialization protocol to track each item as it enters, leaves, and moves around within your kitchen, so Spence always knows what supplies you have in stock. It also employs weight sensors and electric imps to measure how much of each item you have left, offering to buy more once you start running low. LED lighting lets Spence communicate with you visually, and a sophisticated machine-learning powered speech interface lets Spence interpret fuzzy human phrases like "Where on earth did I put the milk?"


Come home from work and ask "Hey kitchen, what can I make for dinner?" Spence looks at your ingredients inventory and suggests recipes that you can make. Missing a key ingredient? No worries, Spence lets you know and offers to buy it for you from Amazon. Just say "yes" and the groceries will be en route.

At the grocery store, about to make a purchase? Pull out your phone to quickly check if you already have those eggs at home or you need to grab more.

If you're worried about your nutrition, you can ask Spence how healthy the food in your kitchen is overall. It will give you a score from 1-100 that describes the healthiness of what you eat. More granular insights like "you haven't been eating enough protein lately" are also possible.

Misplace the salt? It happens to the best of us. Just ask your kitchen where it is and the shelf it's on will flash green.

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