My name is Rachel, and I'm a senior Psychology major at Old Dominion University. I wanted to participate in this hackathon after my partner told me about it a few weeks ago!

When it comes to thinking of project ideas, I always really like making developer tools. I enjoy making people's development experiences easier and more seamless, in order to let the developer execute on their ideas more easily. In the past, I've developed tools to assist with things like rapid project bootstrapping with Coldstart (link), so today I wanted to go further with that idea.

Spelunker is meant to make it easier for developers to manage their unit testing more easily with good fundamentals. It allows for user-specified method skipping, folder parsing to autogenerate a test directory, and automated mock test file and method generation.

In order to follow a reasonable scope for a weekend hackathon, I chose to limit the initial iteration of the project to support a single language (Python3 in this case) and a single third-party library (the requests library, specifically). This felt like the perfect level of work to put into an initial proof-of-concept.

Overall, the biggest challenge I faced was establishing a good template for the autogenerated mock tests, and this required a lot of research into best practices for mock tests on the requests library. Besides that, it was fairly easy to build out the rest of the features, like the file parsing service, step by step in order to complete the project. After I developed the Spelunker tool, I wrote up an additional demo directory to present Spelunker's functionality with.

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