Many DeFi protocols are upgradable by an administrator. Critical settings for the protocol may be changed. Time-locked transactions (spells) have become a popular way to manage upgrades. Once a spell is cast, users have a short time before the spell becomes active. In this way, users may opt-out of upgrades by withdrawing funds before spell execution.

BUT... users can only opt-out if they know about the changes in time. This tools helps DeFi users track protocol changes.

What it does tracks time-lock transactions from origination to execution for Maker, Compound, Dharma and more.

How I built it

The Graph and React. Github:

Challenges I ran into

I had hoped to also make the data available an on-chain. However, it does not appear possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project combines together and presents many protocols at once in a simple way. Underneath, nearly every protocol uses a different implementation for handling time-locked transactions. I am proud of reviewing these and presenting them as a singular datasource.

What I learned

The many possible methods of time-locked transactions!

What's next for


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