We have initially created Spelling Teacher to help our own children doing their spelling homework on their own while we were cooking and working. The kids enjoyed using new technology and their parents appreciated the help ! We hope you will find your own way of using Spelling Teacher.

What it does

Spelling Teacher spells words to prepare for spelling tests. Alexa will read a list of words, allow time for the student to write each word down. The user can ask Alexa to repeat the last word, or spell it to verify the student's knowledge. The application also provides help with sorting the list of words in Alphabetical order Last but not least, the application supports adding new lessons with a simple configuration step. You will receive an email with a link to a page where a new lesson can be created.

How I built it

Node JS running on AWS Lambda , with a JSP and mysql backend. HTML/JSP web server for word list input and class selection

Challenges I ran into

From a technical side, mostly learning all these new programming languages. From a marketing side, reaching out to potential users

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Arriving at a decent number of daily users learning and reviewing spelling during breakfast or doing after school homework

What's next for Spelling Teacher

  • Add automatic weekly lessons assignment based on student's level (from 1st/2nd to 6th grade).
  • Teacher reach out program, and incentive for in-class usage.
  • Localization for additional countries to adopt the skill, French and Spanish to start with

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